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Manufacturers are taking control of their entire business by implementing strategies to sell directly to consumers and other businesses. But, to achieve this, many businesses adopt software to help them manage the different aspects of their business, using tools for managing raw materials, production, multi-channel selling, and much more. Brahmin Solutions BOM software helps users manage their business from one easy-to-use platform. This saves manufacturers time and money in the long run.

Real-time production planning with bill of materials software

Spreadsheets do not change, but your inventory does. It is hard to keep track of your inventory using spreadsheets because it is constantly changing, and many things can go wrong.

Brahmin Solutions ERP software is for small manufacturers or large factories who need to track production progress, design and engineering changes, and raw materials usage. It gives users live insights to optimize resources and schedule production to meet deadlines. Available raw materials and products are also automatically allocated to fulfill orders and prioritize your schedule to assist you in meeting deadlines effortlessly.

  • Production planning software, scheduling, and resource planning in one place
  • Gain real-time visibility to optimize all your resources and staff
  • Make accurate manufacturing, lead times, and purchasing decisions with real-time data
  • Ensure you have enough inventory levels at all times
  • Prioritize production based on raw materials availability
  • Prioritize production based on raw materials availability
Product: Production Planning
Bill of Materials

Accurate production costs

You need to see all of your materials and production runs to make the right decisions and know how much things will cost.

The bill of materials (BOM) helps you track progress with sales and production orders. This way, you can see how much raw materials and resources cost. This information is useful when you need to make pricing decisions. BOM software also helps ensure that your financial data has no mistakes.

  • Track manufacturing costs based on your bill of materials and production operations
  • Create multi-level BOMs with subassemblies for accurate costing
  • Make better pricing decisions to meet your business margins
  • Track your cost of goods sold (COGS) accurately in real-time

Materials BOM software with industry-best inventory management features

Brahmin Solutions software lets users track different types of manufacturing inventory and figure out where things are at all times.

Manufacturers can use different manufacturing processes to make products. For example, they can make items to order or keep track of batches of items with expiration dates. This flexibility allows manufacturers to closely monitor items as they move along the supply chain to the customer.

  • Keep track of all your finished products and raw materials and improve your product quality
  • Automate your inventory transactions to save time and set reorder points to prevent stock-outs
  • Track on-hand, allocated, committed, and expected stock in real-time
  • Manage product variants and materials in one place
  • Track items in different warehouses quickly and see what is available at specific locations
  • Keep track of batches, materials, and products that are faulty or not working well. This can help with product recalls.
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Seamless integration with all your business tools

Brahmin Solutions creates an enterprise-grade solution by streamlining all of your operations. Connect your data to the best-in-class applications you need to run your business.
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Our commitment to listening, understanding, and responding to customer needs helps us to innovate, allowing our customers to grow and scale with peace of mind.
Inventory Software Customer
Food and Beverage
“We have yearly inspections which include mock recall and mass balance exercise, and both went the smoothest they ever have after using Brahmin Solutions.”
Sfoglini has achieved compliance and is now prepared for any potential future recalls.

Cost of a small scale recall costs 1.75% of annual revenue for direct expenses alone.

Cost savings of $43,750
Inventory Software Customer
Bold Distribution
"Our team of 4 people now saves 15 hours every week because we stopped using spreadsheets and started using Brahmin Solutions for keeping track of our inventory, orders and accounting."
Bold Distribution saw quick ROI with in two months of using Brahmin Solutions.

ROI = (15 Hr / Wk)*(4 Wk)*($20/Hr)
ROI = $1,200 / Mo.

$14,400 in savings yearly
Inventory Software Customer
"We stopped using spreadsheets for planning how to produce our products. Now, we can handle 6 times more order volume since being fully migrated to the software."
Nefaire saw an accelerated growth with Brahmin Solutions.

Yearly Sales Before: $120K
Yearly Sales after 2 Years: $1.5 M

650% increase in sales over 2 years
Andrea Rothstadt
Office Manager | Sfoglini
Taylor Valarik
Operations Manager | Bold Distribution
Mike Chang
Owner | Nefaire

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What truly sets our super fast onboarding, dedicated support and constant addons and releases.

Dedicated Support

Support based in North America and Asia, you can rest easy knowing that we have every time-zone covered.
Available 24/7
Support managers have 2+ years in CPG manufacturing
Requests are typical answered under 15 minutes

Guided Onboarding

Customer success team will help you migrate all your data into Brahmin Solutions immediately.
Average implementation time 21 days
Dedicated implementation manager
Provide a minimum of 10 hrs of live guidance

Scalable Software

Businesses change and so does our software. We are constantly updating our software based on your needs
Over 50+ Integrations
Average customer growth from Year 1 to Year 2 is 40%
On average 2+ features are developed per month
Brahmin Solutions Manuafcturing and Inventory Software Customer Service Rep

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep track of parts inventory?

One way to track inventory is to use a spreadsheet application, like excel or google spreadsheets. You can keep track of how many units of each part you have by manually entering the information or using barcode scanners and other devices.

Another option is to use software that tracks inventory. This software can help you improve inventory accuracy, make data collection easier, and save time and money.

Brahmin Solutions' inventory tracking software offers businesses all the features they need for complete inventory control. With Brahmin Solutions, you can get a real-time view of your inventory counts to easily manage your warehouse. Brahmin Solutions also comes with handy features like:

- Barcode scanning
- Bill of materials
- Batch and expiry tracking
- Serial tracking
- Support for multiple currencies
- B2B Wholesale portal

How do you manage manufacturing inventory?

If your business has more than a few daily orders, using an ERP system is the best way to keep track of your inventory. This type of inventory system can help you track real-time changes in inventory levels, reduce inventory costs, see when materials are running low, and generate reports on inventory usage.

What are the main differences between an on-premise ERP 
and a cloud-based ERP?

An on-premise ERP is installed and operated from a company's own servers and computers. This means that the software is physically located at your business site. A cloud-based ERP is hosted by the software vendor and accessed by navigating to their website. You can view and manage everything via a web application. This means you can do this from any computer with internet access.

You would need an in-house team to maintain your systems with an on-premise system. On-premise ERP systems are more expensive to set up and maintain than cloud-based ERPs. However, they offer more control over data security and privacy.

Cloud-based systems are more scalable and easier to set up and use than on-premise ERPs. They also have more flexible pricing plans. What's more, with a cloud-based system, all the batches and updates are taken care of by the service provider, which can help to reduce downtime.

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