Production Management

Manage your manufacturing process with bills of materials, assemblies and production planning. Accurately track the cost of productions for true profit margins.
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Production Management Software

Production Planning

Brahmin Solutions will allow you to plan your productions efficiently while giving you the visibility through the process of start to finish.

Bill of Materials

Brahmin Solutions makes it easy to manage your product recipes from one central location.

Keep track of all your assembled products as well as quantities of components and labor required to complete your production runs.

Manufacturing Order

Create manufacturing orders to convert your raw materials to finished products. Brahmin Solutions will account for all the costs of the components, labor charges and overhead charges into the finished product.

Add Labor And Overhead Charges

No assembly is just the cost of the components, there are additional costs such as labor charges, overhead charges or supplier charges.

With Brahmin Solutions, you are able to add these additional costs to the manufacturing process to get an accurate cost for your product. You can also map the additional changes to the correct account in your accounting software.

Make To Order

If your business follows the Make To Order process, Brahmin Solutions makes is very easy to create manufacture orders off of your sales orders with one click. The manufacturing order created will be linked with the sales order.

Make To Stock

If you manufacture stock ahead of time, based on sale forecasts and customer demand expectations, use our make to stock report stay ahead of your demand.

Production FAQ

Where does it get the cost of components?

The cost that appears when entering a BOM is the average cost of the component product as calculated by Brahmin Solutions.

Can I create a multi-level BOM?

The value of the manufactured product, also considered the cost of the production, is calculated by totaling the average landed cost of the components plus the labor and over head costs.

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