Barcode Scanning

Save time and reduce errors by using barcode scanning. Scan inventory by product barcode to receive, move, transfer and ship inventory.
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Barcode Scanning - SpurOps

Inventory Accuracy

Reduce human error in the manual entry of stock, scan in the correct products in the correct quantities for receiving purchases, picking sales orders, or conducting stock counts.

Pick, Pack, and Scan

Barcode scanning allows you to scan a single product or products in bulk.. Simply enter increments of product quantity, then scan the product barcode once to scan all the stock into the system.

Inventory Management Efficiency

Scanning inventory allows for huge amounts of stock to be recorded in a shorter amount of time and it can be used across receiving, cycle counting, and picking processes. As these are an integral part of your business operations, using barcoding can boost workflow efficiency saving your business time and money.

Barcode Scanning FAQ

Where can I use barcode scanning?

The barcoding feature enables single or bulk scanning of product barcodes for the following workflows:

Purchase Receiving
Sales Shipments

Which barcode scanner do you recommend?

We don’t recommend a specific scanner. You could use any wired or Bluetooth device that can connect to a computer or a tablet.

How do I activate barcoding?

We feel that every company should be using barcode scanning and therefore it is included in all plans. Find a barcode scanner that works and start scanning away.

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