Sales Return

Efficiently manage your stock levels with product returns and have the updates sync with your accounting software in real-time.
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Sales Return

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

Creates RMAs and manage the complete workflow of the return from issued to fulfillment. Brahmin Solutions makes it easy to create an RMA off a sales order or one manually.

Track Reasons of Return

Create return reasons to track your returns and have complete visibility of why your customers are returning your products and take quick action.

Return to Inventory

Have the ability to choose if you want to return stock to inventory for resale after a return. This will give you the ability to track a receipt for a damaged item, without it being added to your inventory count for resale.

Issue Customer Credits

Tracking customer credits is an extremely easy process in Brahmin Solutions. Once a return order is issued, you will be able to create a credit memo and have it sync with your accounting platform.

Faster Returns Processing

Speed up the ability for your business to recover cash quicker and more efficient with a better returns management software.

Create, confirm or cancel returns
Assign a desired return warehouse
Add return reason
Add returns pick-up date

Refund Management

Identify whether yo ship a replacement, ship upon return, return for check/repair or even issue a refund for best results.

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