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At Brahmin Solutions, we take a different approach to implementing our software.

Our implementation service gets you live 4x faster than MRP and Inventory software. Yes, really.

We have a unique, workflow-focused approach that our in-house experts manage to deliver a quick, error-free, and on-time implementation. You will be happy with the results. 

Our implementation success rate is industry-leading.


Brahmin Solutions implementation is planned, managed and configured by our experienced, in-house product team. Here is how it works...

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1. Workflow planning

Unlike other vendors, we first take time to learn about your business and ask relevant questions. We will then go back with the team and devise a plan detailing how exactly the system will be implemented to meet your unique requirements and workflows. It's an extra step - but it is the foundation of a successful implementation.

2. Cost

The implementation is structured into two tiers: guided and premium. Costs are associated with these tiers unless you are enrolled in the founder plan. Generally, we will proactively communicate the pricing details well in advance, ensuring full transparency with no unexpected surprises.

3. Migration

We know that accurate data is important for driving growth. We will help you migrate, review, and structure all your data according to best practices so that it is accurate.

4. Complete configuration

We will ensure that your Brahmin Solutions account is set up correctly and connected to all your eCommerce channels, B2B portal, payment provider, and accounting tools.

5. Unlimited training

To make sure you get the most out of Brahmin Solutions, we will provide you with complete training as long as needed. This will include training during your onboarding and also after that.

6. Testing workflows

We will make sure all of your workflows are understood and set up before you go live. This includes purchasing, customers, sales, production, recipe management, and more.

7. Ongoing optimization

We don't stop working with you once you are live. We continue to improve our system and processes based on your feedback after go-live. This will ensure your workflows are more efficient to grow your business to new heights.

Here's what our customers have to say

Our commitment to listening, understanding, and responding to customer needs helps us to innovate, allowing our customers to grow and scale with peace of mind.
Inventory Software Customer
Food and Beverage
“We have yearly inspections which include mock recall and mass balance exercise, and both went the smoothest they ever have after using Brahmin Solutions.”
Sfoglini has achieved compliance and is now prepared for any potential future recalls.

Cost of a small scale recall costs 1.75% of annual revenue for direct expenses alone.

Cost savings of $43,750
Inventory Software Customer
Bold Distribution
"Our team of 4 people now saves 15 hours every week because we stopped using spreadsheets and started using Brahmin Solutions for keeping track of our inventory, orders and accounting."
Bold Distribution saw quick ROI with in two months of using Brahmin Solutions.

ROI = (15 Hr / Wk)*(4 Wk)*($20/Hr)
ROI = $1,200 / Mo.

$14,400 in savings yearly
Inventory Software Customer
"We stopped using spreadsheets for planning how to produce our products. Now, we can handle 6 times more order volume since being fully migrated to the software."
Nefaire saw an accelerated growth with Brahmin Solutions.

Yearly Sales Before: $120K
Yearly Sales after 2 Years: $1.5 M

650% increase in sales over 2 years
Andrea Rothstadt
Office Manager | Sfoglini
Taylor Valarik
Operations Manager | Bold Distribution
Mike Chang
Owner | Nefaire

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