Vendor Management

Track and manage all your vendors in one place, including vital details such as contacts, pricing, lead time and more with our vendor management software.
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Vendor Management

Vendor Pricing

Stop maintaining vendor prices on excel spreadsheets. Compare the prices of your goods with other vendors to make sure you are getting the best price. Use an Item Price List to keep track of vendor prices and make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Vendor Management

Easily import vendors in bulk. Make bulk updates to adjust the data. Personalize your vendor interactions by creating custom vendor docs and track all your vendor interactions by logging them in the memos section.

Vendor Transaction History

Store all your transactions in one place to stay on top of purchases and vendors. Search purchases, costs and returns by vendor. Get a deeper insight with the Purchase Details Report.

Lead Time Tracking

As a manufacturing or distribution company, the reliability of vendors has a good impact on your operations, production & inventory. It is important to have an exact calculation of vendor lead time, so Brahmin Solutions calculates this lead time for you.

Easy Management

If you have a lot of vendors, you can quickly and easily update their data by making bulk updates.

Quick Imports - You can improve the efficiency of your supplier information by uploading a spreadsheet with all the information. This will save you time in having to update the information one by one.

Customized Documents - You can personalize your interactions with vendors by creating documents that are automatically populated with unique vendor information.

Vendor Management FAQ

How can I import my vendors? 

Vendors can be added one of three ways:

Brahmin Solutions Import File
QuickBooks / Xero

Can I add multiple vendors to a product?

There is no limit on how many vendors can be associated with a product but only one vendor can be default.

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