Our Founding Story Told By Our Founder Brahm Meka

Brahmin Solutions, a leading inventory management software provider, is the culmination of my work as an enterprise engineer. I started off my career as an engineer building warehouse management systems used by Fortune 1000 companies. This work involved integrating tools and techniques from enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial solutions, electronic data interchange (EDI) partners, and more.

After working for two years with these larger enterprises, I found myself wanting to engage more closely with customers to better help them realize their goals. To that end, I began working at a start-up that built a cloud-based warehouse management solution for smaller enterprises ($50 million–$500 million). Although I worked closely with food and beverage companies, electronics companies, and retail companies, I still wanted to be more involved in the business side of providing solutions. With my technical expertise and desire to interface directly with customers, Brahmin Solutions was born in 2015.

Brahmin Solutions began as a consulting company after I helped a friend in the hospitality business obtain distribution software. However, after consulting with over one hundred companies and listening to their needs, it was clear that most of the solutions I could recommend were challenging to implement, costly, and lacking in necessary features. Even after providing the best solutions available to companies, many were still managing some of the operations offline. Then, at the end of December of 2016, after first hand witnessing the problems faced by these companies, everything became clear. I knew my calling and the purpose of Brahmin Solutions: to build a solution for these often forgotten companies.

With my experience in building complex solutions for large enterprises, I knew I could make a cost effective solution for smaller businesses that managed end-to-end operations, from purchasing to sales.

This project also fell within the scope of what Brahmin Solutions could do. For the next two to three months, I talked to other experts and businesses to learn about their needs, and from there, I began building a solution that would address those needs. With a bare-bones (pre-beta) product, I reached out to a few companies I had consulted with previously and had them try it out.  

After months of testing and hiring a small team in the summer of 2018, I launched our beta version to a handful of customers. It was immediately evident how much the solution helped the customers, even with the bugs inherent in any beta run. My team and I worked tirelessly to address issues, taking care to really understand how we could best improve the user experience. With the launch of our live product in 2019, all the customers who participated in the beta run signed on. No longer just a consulting firm, Brahmin Solutions became a leader in providing operational solutions small enterprises need most.

Our Vision


We built our product to help business owners. We don't make SaaS products. We solve problems. We're here to make life easier for you and your team.


Our product is our hero— not marketing buzzwords or flashy packaging. A strong product is the foundation of our company (after all, we're developers and creators first, entrepreneurs second).

Meet the squad

Founder Brahm Meka

Brahm Meka

Founder & CEO

Preean Patel

Business Development