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A cloud-based Software shouldn't take months to implement. Grow, manage, analyze, and automate every phase of your business with a centralized online platform and enterprise-grade tools. Get 24/7 support from inventory experts.
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Inventory Mangement
Inventory Mangement
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Operations management platform for D2C and B2B Businesses

Growing businesses need a flexible and easy-to-use software. They can’t afford to be stuck using manual processes or outdated software that can’t keep up.

Brahmin Solutions operations platform is specially designed for businesses that are looking to sell directly to consumers and businesses. 

Brahmin Solutions at a glance

Purchase & Replenishment

Automate restocking and reordering of inventory and capture true COGS landed.

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Manufacturing & Work Shop Control

Manage manufacturing processes with product recipes and accurately track operations and costs.

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Batch and Expiry Tracking

Track Batches and expiry dates with ease. Sell products before they expire.

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Inventory Management

Gain visibility across all online channels and warehouses and avoid stockouts.

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Order Management

Streamline order from all place to once central location so it is easy to fulfill orders

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B2B Wholesale

Sell wholesale quickly with our wholesale specific features and our turn key B2B portal.

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Warehouse & Fulfillment

Manage inventory across multiple locations and warehouses. Pick, Pack and Receive efficiently. 

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Streamline your business by eliminating manual data entry with accounting automation.

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Not your traditional software

Other Solutions

  • MonthsImplementing is exceptionally long and typically will take over 2+ months
  • Hidden CostsMany additional costs on top of the service fee, such as - support, maintenance, and more.
  • Limited SupportOther solutions never get back to you on time. As a growing brand, you don't have time to wait for days or even weeks to get a reply.

Brahmin Solutions

  • WeeksImplementation on average takes 1-2 weeks and sometimes only a few days.
  • Flat Monthly FeePay one flat monthly fee for the service, support and maintenance.
  • Unlimited SupportAs a growing brand, you need to be on top of your operations so we make sure we are available at all times for any issues.
What they say

Customer’s Testimonial

Our commitment to listening and understanding customer needs, helps us to innovate, which allows our customers to grow and scale with a peace of mind.

Food and Beverage


“We have yearly inspections which include mock recall and mass balance exercise, and both went the smoothest they ever have by using Brahmin Solutions. Brahmin Solutions team has been there every step of the way from setup to ongoing technical support. We are glad we finally found a system that works for our needs.”

Andrea Rothstadt

Office Manager | Sfoglini


Bold Distribution

“I love the easy to use interface, and the customer service is outstanding. If I ever have a question I can call and talk to someone immediately. There have even been features that I wanted to see, and they have worked with me to integrate some tools into the software to make it more user friendly for us.”

Taylor Valarik

Operations Manager | Bold Distribution



“As a Direct to Consumer brand Brahmin is built for us. I can see what my demand is and use the demand to plan my stock for the month. Our production planning is now off spreadsheets.  We know what raw materials to order and when they will be coming in.”

Mike Chang

Owner | Nefaire

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With Brahmin Solutions, you will have a platform to scale with your business. Learn more about why Brahmin Solutions is the best solution for your business and how we can help you grow your business with our automated operations platform in a personalized demo from one of our Inventory experts.

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