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Productivity and Profitability

Command Center

Complete Inventory Control

Accurately track and update inventory across all warehouses and sales channels seamlessly.

Simplify Production

Quickly create assembly orders and fulfill by completing work orders. Track inventory as it goes from raw to in process to finished.


Easy way to create invoices, purchases and returns. Connect to Quickbooks or Xero for accounting.

Warehouse Management and 3PL - location management

Sell Efficiently

Sales Channels

A central location for eCommerce on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and Amazon. Real time sync to all channels.

B2B eCommerce

A private platform that allows wholesalers to take orders from customers with in seconds, saving time and effort.


Smarter Decisions

Track KPIs

Accurately track important metrics such as COGS, inventory turnover, sales profit, fulfillment reports and more.

Smart Dashboard

Get alerted when inventory is running low or orders are late. So sit back and focus on new opportunities to grow.

Team Work

Collaborate with your team and set roles for each member. Have visibility of every task your team members are performing.


"Using Brahmin Solutions has saved us over 80% of our day - time we used to manage inventory and orders"
Frank Erwin Bodal Chemicals
"Brahmin Solutions is most flexible system I have used so far. It was very easy for my team and I to learn."
Mike Chang Nefer

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