Warehouse Management

Brahmin Solutions warehouse management software makes it easy for you to manage stock across multiple locations and warehouses from one central location.
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Warehouse Management

Fulfill Orders From Specific Warehouse

On sales orders, you can specify the warehouse you want to ship goods from. The stock from that warehouse will automatically be deducted when the sales order is shipped.

Receive Stock Into a Specific Warehouse

Create a purchase order to a specific warehouse and receive them. In other words, you can restock any warehouse by any supplier.

Warehouse Location Report

Your business has multiple warehouses and you need to see where a specific product is in both warehouses? That’s EASY! Use the warehouse location report to see exactly where inventory is. Also pull up a transaction report to see when the product was received and how it got there.

Warehouse Layout Management

Have a complex warehouse layout? Use our warehouse planner to create a replica of your warehouse layout.

For example, you can create a warehouse with Zones, Sections, Aisles, Racks, Rows, and Bins in the format of your actual warehouse.

Bin Locations

Track the locations and warehouses your stock is stored at any time and from anywhere. Any receipts, shipments or adjustments to stock and the bin locations quantity will be updated instantly.

Add Bin restrictions, for further bin management:

Receivable Only: If enabled inventory can be received from purchases

Pickable Only: If enabled, inventory for sales or manufacturing orders can only be picked from the enabled locations

Receivable and Pickable: Inventory can be received and picked for orders

Hold: Inventory can’t be received to or picked out

Restrict Access To Specific Warehouses for Users

Customize the access each team member can have to your stock management system. For example, if you have multiple warehouses, users in the west coast can only get access to their warehouse while management has visibility of both the west coast and the east coast warehouses.

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