Serial Number Tracking

No more tracking serial numbers in spreadsheets. Track the complete lifecycle of serial numbers in Brahmin Solutions software and be prepared for recalls, returns, and warranties.
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Serial Number Tracking


Track any product with just a few clicks. Our cloud-based software means you can locate any individual product, at any given time, from anywhere. You can move away from the manual cross-referencing and error-prone spreadsheets.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Use the serial number report to have a complete visibility of your products, for quality and compliance purposes.

Fraud Prevention and Return Management

Serial number tracking will help you confirm that an item coming in for a return or warranty issue is the same one that was sent out. Looking up the product by serial number can reveal when the product was sold, letting you verify if the warranty period is still in effect. You can also prevent the sale of counterfeit products or patent infringements by spotting fake serial numbers or numbers that don't match with in the system.

Reduce Risk

In heavily regulated industries where serial numbers are critical - such as pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturing - inventory serial number database software will help you minimize the risk of a shipping error.

Simplify Product Recall

A company may have to issue a recall occasionally to protect consumers from a faulty product or component. No company wants to face such an issue for many reasons. However, when they occur, they're much easier to handle when you have serial inventory tracking software.

Serial Number Tracking FAQ

What is serial number tracking?

Serial number tracking is the process of tracking a product's historical movement with some type of unique number associated with it at the item level.

Serial numbers can be different for different types of products. For example, serial numbers for cell phones are usually called IMEI numbers.

Robust commerce platforms like Brahmin Solutions MRP Software can automatically build history as you work inside the software.

Can I change serial numbers if they were incorrectly entered?

You cannot edit a serial number, but you can remove any product with an incorrect serial number and add it again correctly.

Why do I need to track serial numbers?

Serial number tracking is a system that is used in many different industries. It helps to keep track of an object's chain of custody. This information is very important for many reasons.

Serial number tracking also helps prevent common scams. For example, when a laptop is returned to a manufacturer for refurbishment, they can check if it is the right item and if it is still under warranty.

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