Purchase Receipts

Blind Receipts

If you need to receive goods and you don’t have a purchase order, use the blind receipt option which is a one-step process to receive goods into your warehouse.

purchase order blind receipts

Receipt Life Cycle

Saved – Stock is not received
Received – Stock is received

Purchase Receipt - Workflow

Bulk Receive

Use the bulk receive option to receive goods quickly into one location for later putaway of inventory.

Purchase Receipt - Bulk Receive

Receipt Slip

A receiving slip provides a list of products that have been received. Once the receipt has been received, you will be able to print this as a reference.

Purchase Receipt

Multiple Receipts

No need to wait to receive all the stock on a purchase order to create a receipt. You can create as many receipts for the purchase order as needed and the purchase order will be open as long as there is quantity to be received.

Multiple Receipts - Purchase Receipts

Purchase Receipts FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions on how pruchase receiving works.

Can I use barcode scanning to receive goods in?

Yes. Barcode is supported by our inventory management system. Learn more about Barcode Scanning.

For more details on how to use the purchase receipt functionality, visit our support pages.

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