Purchase Orders

Partial Purchase Order Fulfillment

If your vendor only sends part of a purchase order, receive what was delivered and the purchase will be open till the rest of the stock is shipped.

Purchase Orders - Receipts

Purchase Order Workflow

Saved – Draft order

Confirmed – Stock is incoming & the order is ready to be billed

Inprocess  – Stock is in the process of being received or partially received

Fulfilled – Stock is completely received. Purchase is billed/unbilled

purchase order life cycle


Set Min and Max points. Get notified when the stock falls below a Min qty and use the reorder report to pull up all the stock to reorder. Once on the reorder report, the vendor and lead time are auto-filled, just select the products to reorder and purchase orders will be created.

purchase reorder system

Combining Purchases

If you have a backorder purchase order and a reorder purchase order for the same vendor, combine them into one. It will save time and effort in managing multiple orders.

Purchase Orders - Combine Purchases

Vendor Bills

Create bills from purchases easily with one click. Bills will be sent to your accounting platform in real-time creating a seamless integration.


Create partial bills for a purchase order, if you receive partial vendor shipments.

Purchase Orders - Bills

Calculating True COGS

Calculate the true cost of goods landed by including extra costs to your purchases, like transport fees, customs, duties and more.

true cogs calculation

Purchasing FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Brahmin Solutions purchasing management can work for your business.

Can I purchase from a foreign vendor?

Yes, you can have vendors with a different currency than your base currency. You will need to enable multiple currencies, then add a price list for this currency and then assign this price list to your vendor.

Can I return Purchases?

Yes, you can. You can create a purchase return by selecting the type of purchase as a return. To complete the return, complete the shipment process of stock to your vendor.

Is it easy to track the status of purchase orders?

Yes, in the purchase order management screen you will be able to see a quick visual guide that shows the receiving and billing progress of purchases.

For more details on how to use the purchase order functionality, visit our support pages.

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