Order Management


Create quotes and issue them to your customers without locking up inventory for sales orders. Once the customer accepts, convert the quote into a sales order with one click.

Set expiry dates on Quotes to drive a sense of urgency with your customer.

order management system

Know Your Sales Order Workflow

Saved – Draft order

Confirmed – Stock is allocated & the order is ready to be invoiced/paid

Inprocess  – Stock is in the process of being shipped or partially shipped

Fulfilled – Stock is picked, packed and shipped. Order is paid/unpaid

order cycle in inventory management

Partial Order Fulfillment

Brahmin Solutions makes partial fulfillment extremely easy. Ship only that stock what is available and once the rest of the stock is in inventory ship out the inventory in another shipment.

Partial Order Fulfillment

Automated Backordering Process

Don’t have sufficient stock? Create a backorder. Brahmin Solutions saves you time when you create a purchase order for the out of stock items. The default supplier and quantity required are autocompleted and then linked to the sales order.

Order Management - Backorder

Automated Dropshipping Process

Brahmin Solutions drop shipping functionality allows you to create dropship purchase orders from sales orders. Once your vendor ships out the stock, fulfill the dropship shipment and send automatic updates to your customers.

Order Management - Dropship

Sales Profit Visibility Per Line and Order

Optimize profitability on an order by order basis with Brahmin Solutions real-time profit analyzer. See profitability of each line or per order allowing you to keep up with your company’s profitability standards.

Order Management - Profit Margin

Custom Line Item Notes

Do you offer embroidery services or custom engraving? Add the custom notes per line item on your sales orders. The notes also will transfer over to backorders and dropships so that your vendors are informed as well.

customized notes

Order Management FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Brahmin Solutions Order Management Platform works.

How do I handle POS and/or Brick & Mortar sales?

Brahmin Solutions integrates with Shopify POS. You can also create manual orders in Brahmin Solutions for a brick and mortar store and assign a tag called store order for filtering purposes in the future.

How do I charge my customers for orders?

Brahmin Solutions order management software supports payment integrations with Paypal, Authorize.net, and Stripe.

Is it possible to add/save additional information to Orders?

Yes, Brahmin Solutions order management software has a feature called Custom Fields, that can be used for Products, Sales Orders & Purchase Orders. There are 5 types of custom fields you can add in Brahmin Solutions: Text, Number, Dropdown, Checkbox, and Date. You can add as many custom fields as you need depending on your needs. You can also add internal memo notes and attachments per orders.

For more details on how Brahmin Solutions Order Management platform will work for your business, visit our support pages.

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