Order Fulfillment

Brahmin solutions enables faster order fulfillment and growth in volume while keeping your customers extremely happy.

Order Fulfillment Features

Shipment Workflow

Saved – Editable and not committed
Committed – Stock locked at the location level
Picked – Committed stock is picked from location
Packed – Picked stock is packed and a carrier is set
Shipped – Packed stock is shipped

Pick and Pack

A sales order can be picked once the order is confirmed. Print pick tickets that tell you what to pick off your shelves and pack it into a box to be sent to you your customer.

Locking Inventory To An Order

Allocated: Stock locked at the overall level once the order is confirmed

Committed: Stock locked at the location level once the order is ready to be processed.

This allows companies to process orders in priority without overselling.

Packing Slips

A packing slip provides buyers with product details that ensure the product is indeed what they ordered. Once the order is packed, you will be able to print this and ship this out with the order.


No need to ship all the qty out at once. You can create as many shipments for the sales order as needed and the shipments will be open as long as there is quantity to be shipped.

3rd Party Shipment Platforms

Use Shipstation, ShippingEasy or Shiptheory to print labels for shipments. Pack your shipment and select a 3rd party integration to send the shipment.

Order Fulfillment FAQ

Contact us today if you have more questions about how order fulfillment works in Brahmin Solutions.

Can I integrate with carriers directly?

Brahmin Solutions integrates with carriers through the use of ShipStation and ShipTheory. You can integrate all the leading carriers through the integrations. Once an order is picked, the order is sent to the integration for label printing. Once the label is printed and shipped, the update will flow back into Brahmin Solution. From here on, Brahmin Solutions handles customer communication and can be set up to notify customers instantly when there are relevant shipping updates.

How does Brahmin Solutions integrate with 3PLs?

We offer a customer integration package for customers looking for 3PL integrations. Our developers will build the integration for your company for a custom charge. Please contact us at sales@brahmin-solutions for more info.

For more details on how order fulfillment works, visit our support pages.

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