Inventory Management System

As a D2C or B2B business, proper inventory management is important to run your business operations efficiently.


    • Purchase missing inventory from suppliers
    • Track purchase costs incurred from ordering stock
    • Manage supplier information and keep track of delivery history
    • Manage vendor returns with ease, weather its one item or multiple items
    • Receive purchases orders and track delivery times from suppliers

    Inventory Control and optimization

    • Inventory control of raw and finished goods
    • Manage inventory across multiple warehouses
    • Flexible inventory management, track variants and raw materials
    • Set min and max point or have it set automatically set by demand forecasting
    • Track and trace batch, expiry and serial numbers with confidence
    • Automated inventory transactions

    Production planning

    • Configure complex bill of materials
    • Track the availability of missing raw materials
    • No more hidden production costs - capture all production costs
    • Track multi-layered bill of materials with subassemblies
    • Get real-time production overview info from floor-level
    • Get accurate expected completion dates

    Sales order fulfillment

    • Get real-time order management overview
    • Make to order, backorder or fulfill from available stock
    • Pick and pack inventory using barcode scanners
    • Sync shipments with carrier integrators like Shipstation or Shipping Easy
    • Support sales with accurate quotes for your customers
    • Sync sales order from multiple channels into one central location

    Integrations and Add Ons

    • Download orders from eCommerce Platforms
    • Sync shipment updates from shipping Add Ons
    • Send fulfillment updates to your eCommerce platforms
    • Sync Invoices, Bills, Journal entries with Accounting
    • Connect to the popular payment providers

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