Inventory Management System at The Heart of Your Business

As a distributor, retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer or just own a brick and motor store, proper inventory management is crucial to ensuring the efficient operation of your business. Brahmin Solutions inventory management system lets small business owners like you manage your inventory, orders, and customers from one platform.

Inventory Control

With better visibility across all your online channels and warehouses, avoid stockouts by maintaining products and their inventory levels from one central location.

Order Management

Streamline your order processing to prevent errors and establish a smooth flow from quote to sales to order fulfillment in order to ensure timely invoicing and payment.

Order Fulfillment

Have visibility of the entire sales process enabling faster order fulfillment and growth in volume while keeping your customers extremely happy.

Multichannel Management

Drive growth with multichannel sales. Expand into new channels easily and sell in multiple currencies while keeping orders and inventory in sync.

Wholesale Management

Brahmin Solutions has specific features for wholesalers which will allow you to gain more customers to grow efficiently and intelligently.


Purchasing module makes it easy to restock and reorder inventory while providing a seamless integration with your accounting software


Efficiently manage your product returns and have the updates sync with your accounting software.


Brahmin Solutions has a seamless integration with accounting platforms by automating bills, invoices, journal entries and more.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management module makes it easy for you to manage stock across multiple locations and warehouses from one central location.

Barcode Scanning

Scan inventory by barcodes to receive, move, transfer and ship inventory. Save time and eliminate manual errors by using barcode scanning.

Batch and Expiry Tracking

Track Batches and expiry dates with ease. See history on previous batches and keep an eye on expiry dates so you can act quickly.

Serial Number Tracking

Track serialized accurately from receipt to shipment. Move away from having to maintain serial number in order notes or separate spreadsheets.


Brahmin Solutions simplifies your production process by making it easy to manage recipes and assemblies.

Analytics & Reporting

Get deep insight into your business. Make the appropriate decisions with all the information on hand in real-time to grow your business to new heights.

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