Inventory Management Reports

Brahmin Solutions inventory reports tool will help you understand all the important aspects of your business. Make the appropriate decisions with all the information on hand in real-time to grow your business to new heights.

    Inventory Management Reports

    Inventory Stock On Hand Report

    Brahmin Solutions lets you know what stock is on hand, allocated, available, committed and available to pick. Also, see what inventory is out of stock to replenish.

    Inventory Location Report

    See inventory across your warehouses. Know the exact bin location at all times.

    Inventory Reorder Report

    Manage your stock by pulling up the inventory reorder report to see what products are low in stock and quickly take action and bulk create purchase orders and get your stock levels back to normal.

    Inventory Transaction Report

    Track all transactions such as receipts, shipments, adjustments, assemblies or moves for each product in the platform. Have a complete audit trail for all the product movements on the platform.

    Inventory On Order Report

    Get an overview of what is incoming from your vendors and when.

    On Order Report

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