Inventory Control

Complete Product Management

Each product will include information such as images, variants, Sku Code, UPC, Vendors, options, weight, retail price, purchase price, wholesale price, short description, long description, min-max, categories, brands, and many more.

Product Management - Inventory control


Products can come in many variations. Easily create variations of the product by, setting options such as Color, Size, Weight, Style, and so on.

Variants - Inventory Control

Inventory Status

On Hand – Physical inventory in stock
Available – Qty available for sale
Allocated – Qty picked on sales orders
Committed – Qty that is ready to be shipped
Available to Pick – Qty not committed
On Order – Qty incoming from PO

Inventory Status - Inventory Control

Product Kits or Bundles

Sell bundles or kits to increase sales. When a kit item is sold, Brahmin Solutions automatically links the individual components to sale. Kit qty is always calculated based on the components at real-time.

Inventory Control: Kits

Reorder Report

Have complete inventory control by pulling up the inventory reorder report to see what products are low in stock and quickly take action and bulk create purchase orders and get your stock levels back to normal.

Inventory Control - Reorder Report

Location Report

See where inventory is located across multiple warehouses and bins, along with what orders the stock is committed to. Our platform also provides you a real-time status of OnOrder (Incoming) Qty across multiple warehouses.

Inventory Control - Location Report

Stock Adjustments

Brahmin Solutions Inventory Control platform makes it easy for you to add and remove the inventory qty for cycle counts, damages, shrinkage, and others.

Inventory Control - Inventory Adjustment

Transaction Report

Track all transactions such as receipts, shipments, adjustments or moves for each product in the platform. Brahmin Solutions Inventory Control System makes sure that there is an audit trail for all the product movement in the platform.

Inventory Control - Transaction Report

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