Batch and Expiry Tracking

Track Batches and expiry dates with ease. See history on previous batches and keep and on expiry dates so you can act quickly.

    Batch and Expiry Tracking Features

    Assign Batch and Expiry Tracking to products

    Add batch tracking and/or expiry tracking for a specific product, check the batch and expiry tracking checkbox at product creation.

    Receive your batch tracked inventory

    If products are batch tracked as they are being received into the inventory, enter the batch or their expiry dates so you can stay on top of spoilage.

    Adjust batch tracked inventory

    Make stock adjustments to remove defective or damaged batches from your inventory.

    Sell batch tracked inventory

    Sell batched tracked inventory with ease, the system will automatically select batches for fulfillment based on First In First Out (FIFO) logic. You can also select specific batches or lots for your customers.


    Know what batches are expiring soon

    Keep track of stock that is expiring soon and take the correct action of updating your sales team to sell the expiring stock first

    Audit History

    Run an audit report of batches and expiry dates and see where they were created, sold, used or adjusted. You can also see the vendor you purchased the batch from or the manufacturing order you created the batch on or the customer that purchased the batch.

    Batch and Expiry Tracking FAQ

    Contact us today if you have more questions about how Batch and Expiry Date Tracking will work for your business.

    What other information can I attach with batches?

    You can enter any other information you want. You can add expiry dates to the batches or any other info you would like to track. Create the custom tracking information you want and assign it to your product. Just like you are able to pull up the batch audit history, you can run the same report to see the custom tracking information audit history as well.

    How can I track my products that are expiring?

    You can set up a product expiry report. For example, you can create a report for a specific product or a group of products that will expire this week or next week or within 30 days. Run the report at any time to see what is expiring and take action.

    How do I handle returns of batches?

    Create a manual return or a return for a sales order. Select the batched product your customer want to return and once the product arrives, start receiving the product and you will direct you to enter a batch and/or expiry tracking information.

    Can I allocate a specific batch for shipment?

    Yes, at the time of picking the inventory for shipment manually select the batch you want to pick. The system automatically selects based on First In First Out (FIFO) but you can manually change it as needed.

    For more details on how to use the Batch and Expiry tracking, visit our support pages.

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