Candle Manufacturing Workflow

A series of diagrams for candle manufacturers showing common manufacturing flows that can be implemented into Brahmin Solutions.

Basic candle manufacturing workflow

This diagram shows the simplest manufacturing flow for a candle-making company, where the base materials are combined together via manufacturing into a final product. The wax, wick, and container can be combined into a recipe for the candle in future batches, or alternatively, they can be combined together to create a final product.

Manufacturing different candle sizes workflow

If you want to make multiple sizes of candles from the same batch, you can create a wip for the wax mix batch and then manufacture each size variation separately. This allows you to keep your candle batch recipe in one place.

Manufacturing candles with packaging workflow

This shows how you can use materials to do the packaging steps needed to finish your product. Note: any special packaging for shipping (bubble wrap, etc.) should be done outside of the manufacturing process in Brahmin Solutions.

Candle manufacturing with bundles / kits workflow

This example demonstrates how to create a situation where you need to bundle / kit different candle products together. The Lavender candle and Honeycrisp candle are manufactured as separate products so that they can be either sold individually or as part of a set.