Wholesale Inventory Management

Brahmin Solutions has specific features for wholesalers which will allow you to gain more customers to grow efficiently and intelligently through our B2B Platform.

    Wholesale Features


    Brahmin Solutions makes it easy to create quotes and send them out for their approval. Once the customer accepts, convert the quote into a sales order with one click. The quote and sales order will be linked for audit purposes.

    Set expiry dates on your Quotes to drive a sense of urgency with your customer.

    Email Quotes, Sales and Invoices To Your Customers

    Create pre-set templates and email your quotes, invoices and sales orders directly to your customers from Brahmin Solutions.

    Assigning Customer Specific Prices

    Create a custom price list and assign it to the appropriate customers, so every time that customer is selected on a sales order they will be automatically charged the custom pricing.

    Create as many price list as your business needs and charge the customer what you want to charge them automatically without having to adjust every order.

    Pricing Tiers

    If you classify customers into tiers based on how much they buy, our Wholesale Inventory Management Platform makes it extremely easy for you to organize and assign.

    Sell in Multiple Currencies

    Brahmin Solutions makes it extremely easy to sell in any country and in any currency. Manage your inventory in your default currency while making sales in different currencies.

    Set Payment Terms

    Create payment terms by configuring the number of days the buyer will have to pay for goods. Payment terms will automatically set the due date of the invoices based on the configuration.

    Minimum Order Amount

    Configure the minimum order amount for a customer and get alerted when the customer order doesn’t meet the requirement to ensure your customer is meeting your discounted pricing demands.

    Self Service B2B eCommerce Portal

    Simply invite your customers to your branded B2B portal where they can place orders at their convenience while viewing a catalog of your products.


    Move away from receiving emails or phone orders. Your store will be available 24/7 every day of the year.

    Wholesale Inventory Management FAQ

    Contact us today if you have more questions about how Brahmin Solutions Wholesale Inventory Management Platform can work for your business.

    Is there a limit to price lists?

    No, we allow you to add as many price lists as your business needs.

    What pricing do my customers on the B2B portal see?

    They see the pricing that is assigned to them. If you want them to see a different pricing, just find the customer and change their assigned pricing.

    On what plan is the B2B Portal available?

    It is available on all plans, but on the starter plan, you will need to pay $25 per month while on the growth plans and above it is included.

    For more details on how to use the Wholesale Order Management features, visit our support pages.

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