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Why your business should look at a small business manufacturing solution

Nowadays, small businesses, particularly small manufacturers, have a lower barrier to entry due to cloud software. This technology provides affordable access to tools that meet the same standards as high-cost enterprise solutions. Here are top three benefits of using manufacturing software for small businesses.

Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Business with ERP Software Integration

Cloud-based manufacturing software offers numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to connect with external eCommerce retailers, warehouses, distributors, and more. Additionally, cloud-based software can help manufacturers enhance communication within their business, between teams, and with other software solutions used to manage sales, accounting, and reporting. Through the use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, small manufacturers can streamline their operations, keep track of inventory, sales, and accounting information in one place, and connect all of the data sources and tools used to manage their business.

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Tracking parts is easier than ever

Manufacturing ERP software provides you with tools to make informed decisions and improve your business

Manufacturing ERP software helps small businesses stay agile by streamlining operations and providing real-time insights to make better decisions. It also helps optimize inventory levels and human resource planning, which is crucial for small businesses competing with larger companies.

Brahmin Solutions provides real-time data you need to:

  • Streamline your production process and reduce lead times with automated workflows and job scheduling.
  • Keep your team informed and up-to-date with real-time visibility into production status and inventory levels.
  • Generate and manage production orders with ease, including scheduling and assigning tasks to operators.
  • Eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors with barcode scanning and automatic data capture.
  • Get insights into your manufacturing operations with detailed reports and analytics, including cost of goods sold, material usage, and more.
  • Track and manage quality control throughout the manufacturing process to ensure product consistency and customer satisfaction.

End to End ERP Solution

Cloud manufacturing software, such as ERP or MRP small business solutions, is perfect for companies with multiple manufacturing sites or small businesses planning to expand. The software stores manufacturing data in the cloud, allowing teams to easily track inventory and manufacturing progress on any device with internet access. Unlike spreadsheets, which are commonly used in the manufacturing space, ERP solutions keep data up-to-date with minimal data entry through a range of automations and integrations with other software.

Brahmin Solutions end-to-end manufacturing ERP solution makes it easy to:

  • Gain greater visibility into your supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods, to improve lead times and avoid bottlenecks.
  • Track production costs and analyze profitability by product line, job, or order to identify opportunities for improvement and cost savings.
  • Streamline purchasing processes and manage vendor relationships with integrated procurement tools that enable you to easily request quotes, issue purchase orders, and track deliveries.
  • Simplify financial management with integrated accounting tools that allow you to automate invoicing, track payments, and manage expenses.
  • Collaborate more effectively with your team and customers by providing real-time access to order status, inventory levels, and production progress.
  • Reduce errors and ensure compliance by automating quality control and regulatory compliance checks throughout the manufacturing process.
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Our commitment to listening, understanding, and responding to customer needs helps us to innovate, allowing our customers to grow and scale with peace of mind.
Inventory Software Customer
Food and Beverage
“We have yearly inspections which include mock recall and mass balance exercise, and both went the smoothest they ever have by using Brahmin Solutions. Brahmin Solutions team has been there every step of the way from setup to ongoing technical support. We are glad we finally found a system that works for our needs.”
Inventory Software Customer
Bold Distribution
"I love the easy to use interface, and the customer service is outstanding. If I ever have a question I can call and talk to someone immediately. There have even been features that I wanted to see, and they have worked with me to integrate some tools into the software to make it more user friendly for us."
Inventory Software Customer
“As a brand that sells directly as well as through distributors, Brahmin is built for us. I can see what my demand is and use the demand to plan my stock for the month. Our production planning is now off of spreadsheets.  We know what raw materials to order and when they will be coming in.”
Andrea Rothstadt
Office Manager | Sfoglini
Taylor Valarik
Operations Manager | Bold Distribution
Mike Chang
Owner | Nefaire

Frequently Asked Questions

As a small manufacturer, what types of business manufacturing software should you consider?

Modern manufacturing software is no longer a single product but instead, a stack of different tools that function together. At the top of the stack are web-based applications that offer overall business management capabilities, similar to QuickBooks Desktop.

However, beneath this layer lies highly specialized software that focuses on key operational functions such as planning, production control, quality control, and inventory management. These applications are built on legacy systems or designed to automate and optimize information management.

For instance, production planning software can provide insight on current orders, inventory requirements, and raw material shortages, enabling better production scheduling. Implementing an MRP or ERP solution designed for small and midsize businesses provides a unified system with integrated functionalities for e-commerce sales, accounting, reporting, and more.

What is the difference between an ERP from an MRP system for small businesses?

An ERP system is a software that helps companies manage their entire business, including manufacturing, HR, finances, and distribution. MRP is a type of software that is included in the ERP system and it is used to help manage things like purchasing, production planning, and inventory control.

ERPs are typically used by larger companies because they are designed to handle complex needs and to work with other advanced software. MRP for small businesses are parts of the ERP system that focus mainly on managing the manufacturing aspects of the business.

While small businesses may not need all the features of an ERP system, they might still need an MRP system to help with their manufacturing needs.

Is it necessary to have different types of ERP software depending on the type of manufacturing business?

Many manufacturing ERP software are designed to support various types of manufacturing operations. However, if you work in industries like food and beverage or cosmetics, it's important to find software that supports batch tracking. Brahmin Solutions is used by manufacturers from different industries with different workflows. You can check out our workflows page for the list of supported industry workflows.

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