Brahmin Solutions Inventory and MRP Software

Seamless Supply Chain Traceability: Integrated Expiry Tracking for Streamlined Inventory Management

Enhance Your Supply Chain Management with Expiry Date Tracking Software: Achieve Complete Traceability and Compliance with Brahmin Solutions Batch and Lot Number Tracing for Perishable Inventory

Instant Visibility: Real-Time Traceability for Your Dynamic Inventory

Beyond Spreadsheets: Dynamic inventory management with expiry tracking software - simplify material and goods movement with Real-Time insights and effective control, minus the risks of corrupted files and tedious manual updates.

  • Efficiently Track Faulty Batches, Materials, and Products: Gain Comprehensive Visibility from Raw Materials to Sold Goods
  • Access Live Data Across Multiple Warehouses
  • Achieve End-to-End Traceability with Batch Tracking
Brahmin Solutions Integrations and Add Ons
Tracking parts is easier than ever

Stay on Top of Your Inventory: Effortlessly Monitor Materials and Products to Prevent Stock-Outs and Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Effortlessly Manage and Optimize Inventory Movements: Set Reorder Points and Prioritize Sales Orders with Brahmin Solutions Expiry Tracking Software. Seamlessly Integrate with E-commerce Platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce to Keep Your Products Flowing and Meet High Demand without Stock-Outs.

  • Experience Unparalleled Inventory Mastery: Achieve Complete Oversight of Finished Products and Raw Materials for Optimal Business Efficiency
  • Streamline Your Business: Automate Inventory Transactions, Establish Reorder Points, and Proactively Prevent Stock-Outs for Seamless Operations and Enhanced Efficiency
  • Efficiently Process Incoming Orders: Utilize Barcodes for Swift and Accurate Scanning of Received Purchase Orders

End-To-End Operations Platform

Inventory management that’s perfect for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors everywhere.
Inventory Management

Real-time Inventory Management

Enjoy real-time stock visibility and maximize inventory control by setting up reorder points to avoid out-of-stocks.

Brahmin Solutions integrates with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce to send real time updates across all your channels.
Production Planning

Production Planning and Shop Floor Control

Manage production, scheduling, and resources in one place.

Keep track of demand and adjust your production schedule to align your manufacturing operations and deliver maximum efficiency.

Track and complete shop-floor level operations from our Shop Floor App.
Sales Order Management

Order Management

Manage orders from all sources in one central platform.

Brahmin Solutions connects with eCommerce channels and provides a private B2B portal for businesses to reduce email and phone orders by allowing customers to place orders on their time.

Brahmin Solutions also supports fulfillment workflows such as Made-to-order and Make-to-stock to give you total visibility.
Purchase and Reordering

Replenishment and Vendor management

Manage suppliers and lead time. Avoid stockouts and keep your business moving.

Get alerted when you are running low on inventory and quickly reorder in a few clicks. Know when inventory is expected to complete productions and fulfill sales.
Inventory Management Traceability

Complete Traceability

Track batches, lots, expiry dates and more.

Brahmin Solutions provides traceability throughout your entire product lifecycle. Track batches and lots as they are created and consumed.

Audits or recalls will be extremely easy while ensuring you have industry best compliance.

Beyond the typical software experience

What truly sets our super fast onboarding, dedicated support and constant addons and releases.

Dedicated Support

Support based in North America and Asia, you can rest easy knowing that we have every time-zone covered.
Available 24/7
Support managers have 2+ years in CPG manufacturing
Requests are typical answered under 15 minutes

Guided Onboarding

Customer success team will help you migrate all your data into Brahmin Solutions immediately.
Average implementation time 21 days
Dedicated implementation manager
Provide a minimum of 10 hrs of live guidance

Scalable Software

Businesses change and so does our software. We are constantly updating our software based on your needs
Over 50+ Integrations
Average customer growth from Year 1 to Year 2 is 40%
On average 2+ features are developed per month
Brahmin Solutions Manuafcturing and Inventory Software Customer Service Rep

Trusted by 300+ businesses

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Here's what our customers have to say

Our commitment to listening, understanding, and responding to customer needs helps us to innovate, allowing our customers to grow and scale with peace of mind.
Inventory Software Customer
Food and Beverage
“We have yearly inspections which include mock recall and mass balance exercise, and both went the smoothest they ever have after using Brahmin Solutions.”
Sfoglini has achieved compliance and is now prepared for any potential future recalls.

Cost of a small scale recall costs 1.75% of annual revenue for direct expenses alone.

Cost savings of $43,750
Inventory Software Customer
Bold Distribution
"Our team of 4 people now saves 15 hours every week because we stopped using spreadsheets and started using Brahmin Solutions for keeping track of our inventory, orders and accounting."
Bold Distribution saw quick ROI with in two months of using Brahmin Solutions.

ROI = (15 Hr / Wk)*(4 Wk)*($20/Hr)
ROI = $1,200 / Mo.

$14,400 in savings yearly
Inventory Software Customer
"We stopped using spreadsheets for planning how to produce our products. Now, we can handle 6 times more order volume since being fully migrated to the software."
Nefaire saw an accelerated growth with Brahmin Solutions.

Yearly Sales Before: $120K
Yearly Sales after 2 Years: $1.5 M

650% increase in sales over 2 years
Andrea Rothstadt
Office Manager | Sfoglini
Taylor Valarik
Operations Manager | Bold Distribution
Mike Chang
Owner | Nefaire

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