Multichannel Inventory Management

Brahmin solutions allows you to automate your multi-channel inventory management and sales. Expand to new marketplaces and sales channels with ease.

    Multichannel Sales Features

    Manage Multichannel Sales from One Central Platform

    Integrate with as many sales channels as you need and all orders from sales channels will come into Brahmin Solutions where you can manage and fulfill them efficiently.

    Sell Using Multiple Currencies

    Brahmin Solutions makes it extremely easy to sell in any country and in any currency. Manage your inventory in your default currency while making sales in different currencies.

    Expand Into New Channels

    Eliminate double work with Brahmin Solutions Push functionality. If you are selling in a new channel, push the product from Brahmin Solutions to the sales channel in one click. You will also be able to push new products to new sales channels in one click.

    Avoid Stock Outs

    Brahmin Solutions syncs inventory qty to all sales channels after every purchase, sale, and inventory adjustment so that your sales channels are notified in real-time. This will allow you to reduce stock-outs and reorder in a timely manner.

    Sync Details Real Time

    If you enable Master of Details and/or Master of Price on any sales channels, Brahmin Solutions will update any changes from the platform to the sales platforms in real-time.

    Show Desired Stock

    If you operate multiple warehouses and Brahmin Solutions will allow you to only push any specific warehouse stock you want to be sold to each specific channel.

    Multichannel Management FAQ

    Contact us today if you have more questions about how multichannel management works.

    How do I handle returns?

    Create a return off a specific sales order or a new sales return. Returns created off sales order will be linked, ensuring you have a complete audit trail. Once a return is issued, you can process the refunds or partial refund and the transactions will sync with your accounting platform. You will also have the option to receive inventory back to stock or not after a return.

    How many orders can Brahmin Solutions handle per hour / day / month?

    Your pricing plan will limit the number of orders per month. Brahmin Solutions is built for high order volume retailers, we can process as many orders as your business needs. For more details, please contact us.

    Can I check sales across multiple sales channels?

    Yes, you can go to our view sales listing screen to see sales across all platforms. You can also run channel performance reports of revenue, orders, and units sold by the channel over time.

    For more details on how to use multichannel functionality, visit our support pages.

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