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SPS Commerce Sell


Our SPS Commerce Sell integration will connect with your trading partners, download purchases, send order acknowledgements, invoices and more, helping you to perform major back-end tasks from anywhere, anytime.

SPS Commerce Sell

How the Brahmin Solutions and SPS Commerce Sell integration works


New purchase orders (EDI 850) from your trading partners are created in Brahmin Solutions as Sales orders automatically.

Order Acknowledgement

When a new order is allocated, the order is sent to SPS Commerce as an Order Acknowledgement (EDI 855).

Advance ship notice

When items are shipped in Brahmin Solutions an ASN (EDI 856) is sent to SPS notifying your trading partner of the shipped items and tracking details.


When a sales order is invoiced in Brahmin Solutions, an invoice (EDI 810) is sent to SPS.

Inventory advice

Update connected trading partners with your available inventory levels (EDI 846).

Key Benefits of Brahmin Solutions - SPS Commerce Sell integration

  • Dropship on behalf of your connected trading partners
  • Keep your EDI Trading Partners notified with acknowledgments and ASNs
  • Connect to your trading partners and see orders download automatically into Brahmin Solutions
  • Auto Pack inventory and send it to your shipping channels such as ShipStation, ShippingEasy or Others
  • 6-8 Hours on average saved per week by each business when Brahmin Solutions and SPS Commerce Sell are integrated together

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