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Shopify Inventory Management


Our Shopify inventory management integration will import all customers, products, orders, from all your Shopify stores into one place. Thus, helping you to perform essential back-end tasks from anywhere, anytime.

Shopify Inventory Management

How the Brahmin Solutions and Shopify inventory management integration works

Sales Orders and Customers

Orders created in Shopify once they are paid / pending will automatically be transferred into Brahmin Solutions along with the customer info. If the customer is already created in Brahmin Solutions, your order will be mapped to that existing customer. 


Payments are created in Brahmin Solutions when they are captured in Shopify.

Invoice Payments and Refunds

Invoice payments and refunds created in Brahmin Solutions are automatically created in QuickBooks Online. Payment methods have to be mapped in the QuickBooks Online settings to ensure the correct account is updated.


As available qty in Brahmin Solutions changes, it will be sent to Shopify to ensure accurate availability.

Product Pricing

Manage product prices in Brahmin Solutions in each currency for each Shopify account.


Push products to Shopify or download Products from Shopify to speed up your product creation process. For products that exist in Shopify and Brahmin Solutions, they will be linked if the SKUs match between the two systems.

Product Description

If master of description enabled, changes made to product description will automatically sync to Shopify at real-time to ensure accurate descriptions.


The shipping method and tracking information are sent to Shopify, and customers are notified for each separate shipment made against the order in Brahmin Solutions.

Key Benefits of Brahmin Solutions - Shopify Inventory Management Integration

  • Multi-Location inventory mapping
  • Set routing rules and route orders for fulfillment
  • Real-time accounting sync from Shopify to Brahmin Solutions to your accounting platform
  • Manage Kits and its components from Brahmin Solutions
  • Auto Pack inventory and send it to your shipping channels such as ShipStation, ShippingEasy or Others
  • Create sales credits from returns
  • Complete order mapping from order notes, line item notes and more
  • 60% on average increase in order volume capacity when Brahmin Solutions and Shopify Inventory Management are integrated together

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