ShipStation Inventory Management


Brahmin Solutions integrates with ShipStation for seamless order fulfillment. Eliminate the hassle of manual data entry by syncing shipments, carriers, and fulfillment between the two systems.

ShipStation Inventory Management

How the Brahmin Solutions and ShipStation inventory management integration works

Shipment Tracking and Carrier Information

Orders shipped in ShipStation will be transferred to Brahmin Solutions with carrier and tracking information and marked as shipped. 

Sales Orders Shipments

Sales orders packed in Brahmin Solutions are sent to ShipStation along with bin location.

3rd Party Sales Channels

Any update from ShipStation would first be pushed to Brahmin Solutions, then to sales channels along with tracking information. 

Key Features of Brahmin Solutions - ShipStation Inventory Management Integration

  • Flexible Order Management - Automatically send orders from sales channels to be fulfilled through ShipStation. Don’t juggle between systems and services. Enjoy the best of fulfillment integration.
  • Real-time Sync - Get real-time updates on all shipments. Update customers quickly with tracking details and increase customer satisfaction and customer experience.
  • Automate Shipments - No one likes manual work, automatically send packed orders to ShipStation for shipping. Once orders are shipped, they are updated in Brahmin Solutions.
  • 35% on average increase in operational efficiency when ShipStation and Brahmin Solutions are integrated.

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