Shopify Inventory Management Features

Powerful Analytics

Use powerful reporting tool to see which channels and products are performing well so you can smartly use this information to boost your revenue.

Real Time Accounting

With real-time sync, as soon as invoices come in from your Shopify accounts, they will be sent to your integrated accounting platform with the payment type.

Real-time Order Management

As customer place orders through your Shopify platform – Brahmin Solutions captures the Sales Orders immediately and allows you to complete the fulfillment.

Automate Inventory Control

Link products and variants you choose to. Eliminate manual data entry, as the stock is received and shipped update your sales channels instantly ensure maximum customer satisfaction and save your team time with advanced inventory management.

Unlimited Shopify Stores

You can connect to as many Shopify stores as you like, with different configurations. Easily target new countries, launch new brands, or start selling on new marketplaces, while Brahmin Solutions centralized platform keeps everything in one place for you.

Multichannel Price Control

Manage price from one central location by allowing Brahmin Solutions to be the master of price. Push price changes and updates to your Shopify Inventory Management from Brahmin Solutions.

How Brahmin Solutions and Shopify integration works

Shopify Inventory Management
Shopify Inventory Management

Shopify pushes to Brahmin Solutions

Orders created in Shopify are created in Brahmin Solutions as confirmed orders.

Payments are created in Brahmin Solutions to invoices, as and when they are captured in Shopify.

Products are downloaded as they are created in Shopify and linked in Brahmin Solutions.

As Orders are downloaded from Shopify, Customers are created in Brahmin Solutions. If the customer is a repeat customer, Brahmin Solutions will use the previously created customer.

Brahmin Solutions pushes to Shopify

As inventory avaliability changes in Brahmin Solutions, the quanitty is sent to Shopify at real-time to ensure acurate avaliability.

Product Pricing
Manage product pricing from Brahmin Solutions in the currency of each Shopify account.

Shipping method and tracking reference are sent to Shopify and customers are notified for each separate shipment made against the order in Brahmin Solutions.

Product Updates
Changes made to product description will automatically sync to Shopify at real time to ensure accurate descriptions.

60% on average increase in order volume capacity when Brahmin Solutions and Shopify Inventory Management are integrated together

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