Brahmin Solutions vs Fishbowl - Which is the better platform in 2024?

Swapping Fishbowl with Brahmin Solutions gives you a comprehensive solution as a manufacturer or wholesaler to unleash your full potential.

Brahmin Solutions


$129 / Mo - $1499 / Mo
~ 15 % Discount
No monthly
Target Customer
Small to midsized manufacturing companies (1-100 employees).
Midsize companies.
User Interface
Simple and streamlined.
Will get slow as you add more data.
A lot of screens and buttons.
Cloud based.
Not cloud based for manufacturing.
Need physical servers.
Hosting cost = $3,600+.
Lean CRM.
Order processing from quotes to sales.
Limited visually.
Limited overview of the order fulfilment process after sale.
No invoicing.
Inventory Management
Easy item management.
Bundle / Kit functionality.
Everything is part or product, very confusing item management.
No kit / bundle functionality.
Multi level BOMs.
Make to stock alerts.
Calendars and gantt charts.
Simplified manufacturing.
No calendars, no Gantt charts.
Detailed PO tracking through various stages.
Purchase Bills.
Advanced reordering report.
Low stock alerts.
PO tracking by delivery status.
No purchase invoices.
24/7 Support
Email + Chat + Phone.

3 things Brahmin Solutions can do vs Fishbowl

All in one price

On the surface, Brahmin Solutions and Fishbowl might seem similar.
However, the differences become clear when you start adding multiple users and take into account the hosting charges.

As your user base expands, the cost differential between these two systems becomes more pronounced. The addition of hosting charges can nearly double the software's cost, leading to a sizable difference in the final tally.

However, the costs don't stop here - the obligatory implementation costs. These charges, often overlooked, can spring up unexpectedly, making the overall financial impact even more substantial.

Reliable customer support

Here at Brahmin Solutions, we're proud to offer 24/7 support, no matter which plan you're on. We provide a wealth of resources to guide you through every step, including informative documents, engaging webinars, insightful blog posts, responsive chat support, and comprehensive online courses.

For assistance with Fishbowl, they are available via email and support docs. There are often complaints of support reps not having industry knowledge.

What sets us apart is that our support team boasts real-world experience in eCommerce and manufacturing, so you can trust that we'll provide the best possible advice.

Built for ease of use

The Fishbowl software is optimized for desktop use and can perform various tasks at the same time. It's mostly intended for bigger corporations, and users might need ample time to fully understand its features.

Brahmin Solution was designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, yet strong. The top priority for every feature was ease of use. If a feature wasn't straightforward for users to comprehend, it was left out of production.

Why Manufacturers Prefer Brahmin Solutions to Fishbowl

Growth made possible

Brahmin Solutions is a great Inventory and MRP software for small- and medium-sized businesses to grow into large enterprises. Hundreds of businesses trust Brahmin Solutions for its reliability, ability to handle high traffic volume, up time, and more.

24/7 support

Brahmin Solutions support is available 24/7, no matter which plan you’re on. You’ll also have access to help docs, webinars, blog posts, and online courses to guide you along the way.

Wholesale features

If you're in search of wholesale tools for your manufacturing business, look no further than Brahmin Solutions! Our Wholesale portal is fully equipped and ready to go, allowing you to start taking orders immediately.

No more wasting money on a custom wholesale website or unreliable add-ons that simply don't deliver. With Brahmin Solutions, you can rest assured that your wholesale needs will be met with confidence and ease.

Brahmin Solutions specializes in operations

The Brahmin Solutions platform was designed to simplify operations for manufacturers, while Fishbowl was designed to be installed on a desktop. However, it is not user-friendly and cannot be used on-the-go. Additionally, it requires a physical server to operate and has multiple versions available.

Guided free implementation

At Brahmin Solutions, we proudly offer free guided implementation to companies in need, despite our software being designed for self-service.

We are backed by a team of industry experts who guarantee a quick and effective implementation process.

Switching from Fishbowl to Brahmin Solutions

Switching to Brahmin Solutions

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