Brahmin Solutions has a seamless integration with accounting softwares by automating bills, invoices, journal entries and more.

    Accounting Features

    Moving Average Cost (MAC)

    Brahmin Solutions calculates the average cost of a product by calculating the purchase price plus additional costs landed, every time a product is added or received. This average is used to analyze the profit margin on a sales order and the value of inventory.

    Sales Invoices

    Brahmin Solutions invoicing software allows you to create invoices off sales orders easily with just one click. Create multiple invoices per sales order and any changes made to the invoice will automatically send updates to your integrated accounting platform. Invoices created and paid from sales channels will first be created in Brahmin Solution and then sent to the accounting platform.

    Split Invoicing

    You can now invoice part of a Sales Order without having to split it into multiple orders. This makes back ordering and sending out multiple shipments per order much easier.

    Vendor Bills

    A vendor sends you a bill, create them in Brahmin Solutions with just one click. Edits made to the bills will automatically reflect in your integrated accounting platform.

    Tax Mapping

    Map taxes from Brahmin Solutions to your accounting platform so that any time products are taxed, the tax will sync with you proper tax account.

    Payment Mapping

    Map payment types with payment accounts from your accounting platform, any payments made will automatically be reflected in the appropriate accounts.

    Vendor and Customer Return

    Track customer and vendor returns with ease in Brahmin Solutions. Refund vendors and Credit customers and have it sync with your accounting software, keeping your accounting and operations in sync.

    Journal Entries

    Brahmin Solutions creates journal entries and sends it to your accounting platform anytime you receive, add, remove and ship inventory. Journal entries are synced with your accounting platform instantly.

    Accounting Softwares

    Easily integrate with the accounting software like QuickBooks Online and Xero (In Process) within minutes by configuring accounts, taxes, payment types, and sync settings. Once configured, all transactions will be sync at real-time ensuring your accounting is accurate at all times.

    Accounting Integration FAQ

    Contact us today if you have more questions about how accounting integration will work for your business.

    Can I record partial payments?

    Yes, you can pay an invoice partially. The system will remind you that there is still more payment pending. You can make payments manually or via our integrated payment platforms such as stripe,, and PayPal.

    Can I delete Invoices and Bills?

    Yes, you can delete invoices or bills. Deleting a bill or invoice will automatically delete the counterpart in the accounting platform.

    Can I email invoices?

    Yes, you can email invoices. Also, you can set up custom messaging for the email invoicing template.

    For more details on how to use our accounting integration, visit our support pages.

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