Our 3PL integrations will allow you to connect with your 3PL’s system to manage products, purchase orders, sales orders, inventory transfers, customer returns and more. Brahmin Solutions integration with 3PL systems provides your businesses with the visibility, stability and reliability it needs to grow efficiently. 

How the Brahmin Solutions and Brahmin Solutions 3PL integration works


Products created in Brahmin Solutions will be created in your 3PL’s system.

Sales Orders

Sales Orders created for your 3PL’s warehouse will automatically be sent to your 3PL.

Tracking and Shipment Updates

Shipments shipped in your 3PL are sent to Brahmin Solutions and are marked shipped. If the orders are from sales channels, they are updated with tracking and shipments details.


As available qty in your 3PL changes it will be sent to Brahmin Solutions to ensure both systems are synced.


Purchase orders created in Brahmin Solutions are sent to your 3PL once they are confirmed.

Inventory Transfers

Transfers created in Brahmin Solutions are sent to your 3PL for them to receive or ship.

Inventory Adjustments

Inventory adjustments will sync from your 3PL to Brahmin Solutions along with the reason.

Key Benefits of Brahmin Solutions - 3PL integration

  • Less manual entry and more automation as products created in Brahmin Solutions will be sent to your 3PL.
  • Real-time visibility of shipments and purchase receipts as your 3PL process the orders.
  • Inventory sync between the two systems at real-time.
  • Send 3PL shipment updates to your sales channels instantly.

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