Sfoglini Pasta

CustomerSfoglini Pasta
IndustryFood & Beverage
Sales ChannelShopify and Amazon
AccountingQuickBooks Online
Company Size11-50 Employees

Company Overview

This is not your run of the mill pasta.

Sfoglini was born from the vision of Chef Steve Gonzalez who has been a part of some of the most formidable pasta programs in New York City: Insieme, Hearth, Roberta’s, and Frankies Sputino, and former creative director Scott Ketchum who both talked for years about bringing a superior, locally produced pasta to New York City. Their vision became a reality in July 2012 when they opened their doors in the old Pfizer building in Williamsburg, now home to several small food manufacturers.


The most significant challenge Sfoglini faced was connecting their production process with their sales channels. They had to update their sales channels every time a production process was completed and it became a very long manual process. They also needed a solution where they ran an audit report to see what batch was sold to what customer in case of a recall. Here is a list of the most significant issues faced by Sfoglini:

  • Manually updating Shopify inventory
  • Managed batch numbers and expiry dates on spreadsheets
  • Needed an audit report to show batch history
  • Track product bundles


Partnering with Brahmin Solutions helped them move their inventory management online. They were able to access the platform on the go and migrate their accounting to QuickBooks Online.


Sfoglini saved hours by not having to update Shopify levels manually after they completed their production processes. Brahmin Solutions pushed the inventory levels instantly.


Along with inventory sync, Brahmin Solutions provided Sfoglini with an audit report on batches to see its complete production and sales history. An audit report that has helped them stay proactive on possible product recalls.

Top Used Features

Complete Inventory Control

Inventory and Purchasing


  • Sync inventory across all channels
  • Track product kits or bundles
  • See low stock report and automate reorders with vendors

Manage orders across all channels

Order Management


  • Manage multichannel sales from one central platform
  • Avoid stock outs
  • Connect to your trading partners to download orders and send order updates

Connect to multiple apps from one platform

Brahmin Solutions Integrations


  • Accounting: QuickBooks Online
  • Sales Channel: Shopify

Production Management



  • Manage product recipes from one location
  • Plan productions efficiently
  • Batch and expiry tracking

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