Gobi Heat

CustomerGobi Heat
IndustryApparel & Accessories
LocationUSA and Canada
Sales ChannelShopify and Amazon
AccountingQuickBooks Online
Add OnsStripe, SPS Commerce and Shipstation
Company Size1-10 Employees

Company Overview

Clothing designed to warm you up for all your cold activities!

Utah entrepreneur Jaye Genung, has constantly struggled with the cold and found herself shying away from outdoor winter activities.  She was missing out on family activities because of her dread of the winter weather. After trying other brands of heated clothing available at the time, she knew that both the design and the performance could be greatly improved upon. So she decided to create her own fix. With a diverse array of light weight and unobtrusive designs, along with continual evolution, Gobi Heat was created.


The most significant challenge Gobi Heat faced was as their order volume grew, updating their sales channel inventory became a very long manual process. They were hit with oversells and bad reviews, and they needed a solution to automate these updates. Here is a list of the most significant issues faced by Gobi Heat:

  • Out of stocks due to no solution in place
  • Needed an EDI partner to take drop-ship orders from larger retailers
  • Connect multiple Shopify stores, Shipping Easy and QuickBooks Online


Brahmin Solutions allowed them to sync orders from their trading partners via SPS commerce and Shopify into one central hub. The orders are automatically redirected to ShippingEasy, along with the shipping service instantly. Brahmin updates SPS and Shopify as orders are shipped with carrier and tracking information, reducing stockouts and bad reviews. 


This ability to view all of their operations from one place was critical to the Gobi Heat. It gave them complete control of their operations and allowed them to grow with a small staff.

Top Used Features

Complete Inventory Control

Inventory and Purchasing


  • Sync inventory across all channels
  • Complete landed cost tracking
  • See low stock report and automate reorders with vendors

Manage orders across all channels

Order Management


  • Manage multichannel sales from one central platform
  • Avoid stock outs
  • Connect to your trading partners to download orders and send order updates

Connect to multiple apps from one platform

Brahmin Solutions Integrations


  • Accounting: QuickBooks Online
  • Add-ons: Stripe, SPS and ShippingEasy
  • Sales Channel: Shopify

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